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We have a lot of experience with mining electrical. We’ve tested and repaired many different types of apparatus! Including: three phase motors and motor starters, pump starters, conveyor starters, high voltage cable testers (hipots), cable sheath test equipment, cable vulcanisers and more! We have an extensive and detailed understanding of servicing and repairing mining equipment, click the link below to take a look.

Take a look at our full range of mining electrical services here.


As Mackay Electricians, we’ve learned to be flexible. That’s why we have experience in so many electrical services in Mackay. We’re quite good at designing and wiring control diagrams, and we have completed a tonne of domestic work in Mackay homes; including the installations or repair of lights, fans, power points, tv antennas, stove installations, and sensor lights. We also investigate power failures and why they have occurred.Wiring - WordPress2

Having experience in all areas of electrical work in Mackay means that we are both flexible and professional. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and our ability to work well and communicate with others on a job site. Coupled with excellent customer interaction, we strive to provide fantastic service while also keeping the costumer up to date on progress and feeling comfortable while all work is completed.

If you’re looking for experienced Electricians in Mackay that know what they’re doing, and have a high regard for standards, give us a call or submit a quote request now!